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QSL Tree Planting

Pre-Season Training Program

What We Offer:

  • 5 day work week (Monday – Friday)
  • 8.5 hr work day (on site)
  • Travel times generally 60 – 75 minutes (one way)
  • 100% pay bi-monthly – (first cheques to be issued May 15)
  • 90% direct award contracts
  • 95% experienced crew
  • 100% of foremen have necessary first aid training and Class 4 drivers license
  • Each crew vehicle is a WCB certified ETV and contains all required first aid & fire equipment
  • 100% of vehicles operate with "road channel" radio
  • We pride ourselves on a high level of organization and minimal down time (weather fluctuations are the exception!)

People Insulated Seedling Transport

In 2001, QSL changed its transportation methods after working with Nor Mar Industries to convert 3 F-350 crew cabs to newly designed "Silviculture Units". These units were designed and built in Penticton by Nor Mar Industries. Each of these units carries 10 people, the trees for the day and are certified WCB ETVs. These vehicles meet all safety and transportation requirements and keep each vehicle self contained with all necessary first aid equipment and fire tools. Reviews from crew members over the past 5 years have been good. At QSL we feel that our number one risk for serious injury and damage is driving and transportation – these units allow us to run minimal vehicles with consistent drivers (your foremen).

2015 Letter

Thank you for taking the time to get this far on our Web Site. We work out of the Southern Okanagan and Similkameen; two of the nicest places in the province. Although we cannot predict the weather, it’s usually dry, sunny and warm. We have access to some of the best rock climbing and mountain biking in Canada, or if you’re interested in relaxing, our operating areas are surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers. We work far enough south that you’re close to major centers to return to if you’re homesick or looking for a weekend away.

The 2014 Season has now come and gone, the bidding season has closed for another year and we have an exciting season lined up. We have achieved our goal of becoming a dominant player in the South Okanagan Silviculture Sector, and are pleased to announce our new goal of becoming a dominant player in the South and Central Okanagan. We are pleased to announce that Quastuco Silviculture Ltd. has formed a new relationship with Snpinktn Forestry LP. We are also continuing our relationship with Stuwix Resources Joint Venture in the Nicola area and Nk’Mip Forestry LLP based out of Osoyoos. Quastuco was successful in negotiating a three year contract with Weyerhaeuser Company and successfully negotiated another one year contract with Gorman Bros Lumber located in West Kelowna. Lower Similkameen and Upper Similkameen Indian Bands round out the 2015 list of clients. The total program size for 2015 is 2,733,000 seedlings. This is a growth of 14% over 2014. Our plans are to continue growth of 10% per year for 2016 and 2017. Paula and I would also like to reinforce our organizational safety strategy of becoming a leader in safety in the tree planting industry. QSL targets that each employee completes their employment with our company in equal or better health than when they started. Being small provides a sense of family as the owners, Scott and Paula and our supervisors know all members of the crew. We have the ability to respond quickly to the needs of our staff and our clients.

Our land that we work on is primarily site prepped; disc trenching and mounding are the common forms of site prep. The ground that is not prepped is planted raw where obstacle planting is mandatory. Rates are competitive for the South Okanagan and set to match the results of the WSCA survey completed in 2012. Our season starts in late April and ends in mid-July. We have the longest season in the Okanagan and we have an advantage that it runs from start to finish out of the same location.

Over the past two seasons we have worked out of two locations, Penticton and Merrit. This year we will run the five crews, three in Penticton and two in Merritt. We will have our early season work, which starts in late April based out of Osoyoos.

It is our goal to listen to our customers and employees to find ways of continually improving the organization. We appreciate the feedback and intend to make it the most successful season ever!

Scott and Paula Overland

About the company

Quastuco Silviculture Ltd. has been in business since 1991. Our name stands for Quality Student Company. It’s our goal to employ university students so they can make enough money that they do not need to rely on student loans. We plant approximately 2.7 million seedlings per year. We have had two main clients over the past 25 years; they are Weyerhaeuser Company and Gorman Bros Lumber Ltd. Our operating area extends from the 49th parallel to just north of Kelowna and from Princeton to Penticton. Our strategy statement is ‘Quality in every step’ and our safety strategy is ‘Nothing we do is worth getting hurt over’. We take these two statements seriously.

What You Need to Work for Us

  • You need to have at least one year of experience, preferably of Interior BC planting. New for 2015, we are accepting a number of highly motivated 1st year planters to join our team. Please apply early.
  • First Aid is an asset but not mandatory
  • A valid class four licence is an asset but not mandatory

What Are We Looking For?

  • We are looking for a strong team of energized university students looking for a fun, safe and productive season
  • The ideal planter for Quastuco will be a positive, self motivated individual capable of working in a pure production environment.
  • Give us a try, we won’t let you down.

Pricing Objectives

Our pricing objectives are set to match the wages of our local competitors. We pride ourselves in the ability to manage our projects in such a way that you can be more productive than our competition, as a result, making more money. Our lowest price for 2015 is 13c. This is for our fasted ground usually disc trenched or mounded. Production on this ground is estimated from last year around 1750-1800 for the good average planter. Our as is ground is highly variable, some of it is faster than prepped ground, but most is usually slower at about 1500-1700 per day. The rates for this type of ground are 15-18c. Either way the average daily pay is estimated at $255, if you’re faster you will make more.

The one exception to the pricing objectives for tree rates paid is for variations in stock size as this will be taken into account for specific clients.

Quality Objectives

Our quality objectives vary from client to client; one thing in common is the need to achieve higher than 92.7% on all sites. For our Weyerhaeuser client we strive to achieve between 93 and 95% for our Gorman Bros client we strive to achieve 94-96%. For the past two seasons we have incurred zero quality fines and minimal excess charges.

Safety Objectives

Quastuco Silviculture Ltd has one goal; to have everyone start the season and make as much money as they can and end the season healthier than when they arrive. We have had zero lost time accidents with Weyerhaeuser for four years. With Gorman’s we did have a tendonitis case last year that grounded a planter for four weeks. We strive for pre- season conditioning and 100% support the ‘Fit to Plant’ program. Information is available on our website.

A little more.....

We work five days a week taking weekends off. We try to work out of hotels for the season, as such we work 80% of our season out of the small town of Penticton located in the Okanagan Valley. It’s hot and dry and does not rain that much. You can plant five days a week and find a multitude of things to do to enhance your personal experience while you’re with us.

If you require more information I can be reached by email or by phone.

Scott Overland

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