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Quastuco Graduates

Scott Overland - President Quastuco Silviculture
Masters of Business Administration - Graduate 2013 - Athabasca University

Family business, created 23 years ago by Earl & Lynne Overland to get local students through university without using the bank of mom & dad. Earl & Lynne’s two children Scott and Shannon Overland were both a product of this plan that still continues as Scott looks forward to having all six of his children realize their educational pursuits by having the opportunity to work for Quastuco Silviculture Ltd. Scott uses his degree to make Quastuco Silviculture Ltd a leading supplier of Silviculture services in the South Okanagan, while ensuring the longevity and integrity of the Quality Student Company.


Ian Gwynne graduated from Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke Quebec on June 3rd 2016 with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship, as well as a minor in psychology. His future plans are to work in a sales position with a firm in Toronto and has the long term goal of running an organic grocery store or a venture of his own. Ian started planting with Quastuco in the summer of 2014 and has been with the company for three years.


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